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About Konke

Smart Life starts with me

In the field of smart home for 10 years, Konke always maintains acumen and profound insight, and always adheres to independent research and development and continuous innovation. The doctoral supervisors focus on the research in the field of artificial intelligence for the core team, which has laid the foundation for the development of Konke in the field of artificial intelligence of the Internet of Things.

Who we are

Konke is a high-tech company in the smart hardware, smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) industry, and has its own independent R&D. Now in Pakistan to deliver outclass automation Solutions .

Our philosophy

In the future, Konke will continue to create more scenarios and values for users in the field of smart life, empower all walks of life, upgrade the IoT industry, and lead a new ecosystem.

How we work

konke provides an extremely convenient interactive user experience, and has developed a software platform that integrates multiple control terminals such as mobile App, WeChat, Pad, PC, and TV.