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Smart Apartment Solutions

Konke’s smart rental apartment solution is mainly for the needs of unmanned smart management and efficient service management of long-term and short-term rental apartments. It integrates the characteristics of flexible rental period and rental, simple rental procedures, efficient service management, and comfortable tenant experience. Through the application of smart devices, operating costs are saved and management quality is improved, so as to achieve a “double profit” effect in terms of word of mouth and benefits.

Four core issues

Smart Rental Apartment

Cost Too High

High operating cost High labor cost High energy consumption cost High communication cost

Smart Rental Apartment

Efficiency / too low

Low signing efficiency Low viewing efficiency Low customer acquisition efficiency Low charging efficiency Low service efficiency Low check -in efficiency

Smart Rental Apartment

Risk / Too High

High risk of flying rooms High risk of bad tenants High risk of electricity theft High risk of financial management High risk of malicious arrears High

Smart Rental Apartment

Brand Competitiveness / Too Small

The apartment is not productized, the service is not standardized , the management method is too primitive , the management is not streamlined, the intelligent equipment and the management system are separated

Konke Smart Technologies

Energy Optimizaton
The use and linkage of smart devices will minimize energy consumption. At the same time, through remote data statistics collection, unmanned intelligent management is realized and operation and management costs are reduced.
Security monitoring, access control management
Smart door locks, door and window sensors, human body sensors, smoke alarms, sound and light alarms, smart cameras and other equipment can effectively prevent public areas (hall/corridors) and indoors, and automatically manage information for people entering and leaving, reducing labor costs. lower risk.
Lighting Control
In addition to local control, you can also remotely control the light through a mobile phone, with human sensors, to achieve "the light is on when people come, and the light is off when people leave", saving energy and environmental protection.
Experience Upgrade
How to increase the selling point of the apartment and make the apartment "stand out"? After satisfying the basic hardware intelligence, scene linkage creates active care, enhances product competitiveness, and improves customer experience and stickiness.


Security monitoring, access control management



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Konke Smart Rental Apartment Products

Energy Optimization Package

Security Package

Unmanned Smart Management Package

Lighting Control Package

Experience the upgrade package

Smart Rental Apartment smart home

Smart home host

Smart Rental Apartment door lock

Smart door lock (outside)

Smart Rental Apartment door inside

Smart door lock (Inside)

Smart Rental Apartment smart meter

Smart meter

Smart Rental Apartment air switch

Smart Air Switch

Smart Rental Apartment curtain motor

Curtain motor

Smart Rental Apartment ac controller

Central air conditioning controller

Smart Rental Apartment fan coil

Fan coil Panel

Smart Rental Apartment smart socket

Smart socket panel

Smart Rental Apartment door sensor

Door and window sensor

Smart Rental Apartment body sensor

Body sensor

Smart Rental Apartment infrared remote

Infrared remote control

Smart Rental Apartment light panel

All the way light panel

Smart Rental Apartment light panel

Two-way light panel

Smart Rental Apartment light panel

Three-way light panel

Smart Rental Apartment scenario panel

Scenario panel

Smart Rental Apartment alarm

Audible alarm

Smart Rental Apartment smoke detector

Smoke detector

Apartment management platform

The apartment management platform is a cloud operation platform developed by Konke for the management of smart rental apartments. Through this platform, apartment managers can easily complete the authorization of door locks for new tenants, extend the lease, remind the expiration of the lease, and cancel the authorization of the check-out tenant, etc. Operation; the platform has complete housing management functions, financial management, intelligent hardware management, system management and other expandable functions.