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Smart Home Solutions

Konker Smart Home upgrades the electrical equipment in the home through cutting-edge wireless technology, so as to realize various whole-house smart scenarios. Let you or your family automatically operate different devices at home with a simple action or a sentence. Away from the cumbersome at home, technology liberates life.

More convenient, simple, safe and smart home

Wireless connection, no need to remove wall wiring for installation, easy maintenance and upgrade

Millisecond-level system response speed

Comparable to bank-grade high-encryption cloud data protection

The signal strength is doubled, the coverage area is wider, and the system is more stable

Fully automatic, self-learning, self-perceiving intelligent system

More convenient, simple, safe and smart home

smart home

Wake up pattern 6:30

Start a wonderful day for you

The curtains were slowly opened, the sun shone into the room, stretched out, and got up. When brushing your teeth, the magic mirror tells you today’s weather conditions, temperature and air quality level, and gives you advice on dressing and morning exercise. After taking a bath, you can also follow the magic mirror to freestyle!

smart home

Away Home Mode 7:30

Home security one-click arming

When you go out and choose the leave home mode, the lights and electrical appliances at home are automatically adjusted to the home state. From the moment the door is closed, human sensors in the entrance and aisle, sound and light alarms, and door and window sensors on the door and windows of the room begin to stand by. The curtains slowly closed, and the smart camera turned the pan/tilt to aim at the entrance. As soon as there is movement at the door of the house, the video doorbell will not let any unfamiliar faces go.

Smart Home

Home Mode 19:00

One can have the warmth of home

After a busy day, when you get home, your fingerprint unlocks and opens the door. All the lights in the entrance, aisle, and living room will turn on for you. The smart speaker is playing your favorite music. The water heater in the bathroom is already heating. After taking a shower, the chef of the smart rice cooker should also call you to cook.

Smart Home

Entertainment Mode 21:00

Private theater dating at home is also romantic

Being too busy at work and having no time is definitely not the reason why you and your lover can’t go to the movies together. Even if you really don’t have time, you can be romantic at home. Select the theater mode, the curtains are automatically drawn slowly, the electric curtains are lowered slowly, and the ambiguous lights are accompanied by the projection lighting… The catalyst for a happy life has nothing to do with age!

Smart Home

Sleep Mode 23:00

Life is stressful, sleep is more important

Lying in bed, sleep mode can avoid a series of trivial tasks such as closing windows, curtains, lights, and TV before going to bed, as well as smart light bulbs, which can create a good sleeping atmosphere and let you quickly fall asleep. The air in the room is not circulated, and the humidifier and air purifier will also be automatically turned on to adjust, all of which are only for healthy sleep.

Smart Home

Safe Mode All Day

Too many lessons have taught us that nothing is more important than safety

Home security is not only reflected in theft prevention, daily water, electricity, gas safety is more important. Sensors such as water immersion, smoke, and gas detect water leakage, fire smoke, gas leakage, etc. in the home. In addition to sounding an alarm, they can take the lead in automatically taking measures, such as closing the water valve and opening the window. Installing SOS panels at home can save lives in times of crisis.

Smart Home

Intelligent interaction all day

Various interactions at home and abroad make life more beautiful

In addition to local control and the XiaoK smart housekeeper APP and WeChat terminal on mobile devices, background music hosts, TVs, magic mirrors and other devices have joined the ranks of intelligent interaction, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the company, in the subway , you can understand, view and control everything in your home.

Smart Home

Healthy Mode All Day

Return to nature, healthy, comfortable and pure life

Haze days? Large temperature difference between day and night? Is the air too dry? Don’t worry, at any time, the fresh air system, floor heating system, central air conditioning control system, purifier, and humidifier will independently keep the home in a more comfortable state.

Smart Home
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More convenient, simple, safe and smart smart home

XiaoK Smart Butler is an intelligent interactive application platform designed for the Kunker intelligent ecosystem. It has four control methods: mobile APP, mobile WeChat, tablet PAD, and

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