Platinum Series · Smart Panel

Ingenuity and ingenuity achieve a model life

Flame retardant & high temperature resistant natural pair

V0-grade flame-retardant plastic case is inlaid with glossy vacuum chrome-plated decorative ring, which is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and high-temperature resistant.




Pressure resistance


High temperature resistance

Commitment to Home Platinum Intelligence and Home Collection

The core hardware team of the platinum series smart panel is dedicated to 2 years of independent research and development, using ZigBee wireless communication protocol and stable zero-fire wire power supply mode, witnessing the birth of a smart home.

ZigBee Wireless Communication | Zero FireWire Powered

Incredibly thin

Thin out of the realm, so each side is close to the plane, 6.6mm until it is integrated with the wall.


Classic color matching with various scene styles

Leading various hardcover styles in various fields such as residences, hotels, office spaces, etc., classics have been beautiful since ancient times

Classic Platinum Panel · Full Series