Industry debut

Haidun Series: The way of rigidity and softness of glass and metal

V0-grade flame-retardant plastic case is inlaid smart host series with glossy vacuum chrome-plated decorative ring, which is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

replace  simple  row

Use inlays to show a new side of the switch

The dual combination of pioneering industrial design and home advanced customization, haidun series the Haydn series truly makes each set of products “unique”.

Haidun Series

Good intelligence, more than one possibility

Haidun Series image
Haidun Series image
Haidun Series image

Less wins more

The all-in-one panel comes to the fore

Fresh Air Control | Fan Coil Unit | Hydropower Floor Heating
The design with temperature is to do subtraction for users. The haidun series integrates various control functions into one panel, saying goodbye to multiple areas and multiple cumbersome operations. At the same time, the control module can be connected wirelessly, which provides a convenient choice for construction and installation.

Appearance is agreeable

From the quality of victory

Haydn series has been forged by CNC fine carving and grinding, metal sandblasting, anodizing coating and other processes, so that it presents a luxurious and delicate appearance and texture, and also allows users to have a lasting experience;

No feeling waiting, micro touch

Every "feeling" can become an "enjoyment"

Night Stealth Guard

20CM intelligent sensing human body approaching

When sensing the approach of a human body within 20CM, the backlight of haidun keys automatically lights up, and goes out after leaving for 10 seconds. Reduce light pollution at night, while bringing meticulous care to light sleepers.

The edge is hidden within

Quality scale, seen in micro

Revolutionary generation, graceful appearance