Chopin · A full range of smart panels

Modern family in the name of the master

Full screen wisdom


Application of mobile phone full screen technology

Multi-touch technology


Quick response

0.0 1 second

Dual MCU chips for powerful performance

Two sets of main control chips are built into the 86 panel at the same time,
distinguishing the control and communication chain, compatible with strong response speed and stable performance

Geometric Aesthetics · Taking simplicity as the scene


All-round press

∠ 15°

Slightly warped pressing arc design


Innovative rebound structure

Chopin Series

The slightly warped surface rebound design, the melody presses the rhythm at the fingertips, so press the switch to bounce back gracefully.

One-click to return to classical Tibetan works

The key design is the romantic essence of the piano poet, just like the one Chopin played when he was learning the piano 200 years ago.
The high-speed injection molding machine imported from Germany is used for injection molding, and the frosted painting process is the birth of the delicate touch of the piano.


German imported high-speed injection molding


Frosted painting process

Chopin Series

Equation conjoined multi-
scenario application freely

Freely combine functional panels, customize one-piece borders,
broaden the use scene, and adapt to the diverse needs of villas, offices, hotels, etc.

Inductive light transmission redefines light sleep users

In order to save the warm and dazzling point on the panel at night, we thoroughly thought about and redesigned the light transmission scheme, radar microwave technology, induction light transmission, and caring for light sleepers.


radar microwave technology


Induction light transmission

From good to refined, it has a new look

The back cover that has been made 1 times thinner is re-thickened by 5MM, and the high-precision slow-moving wire cutting that takes more than 2,000 man-hours makes the elegant roundness extend to the invisible edges and corners.

Chopin Series
Chopin Series
Chopin Series
Chopin Series

Full series · Quanzhi · Almighty

Minimalist concept, classical piano elements

Platinum Series