Embedded Smart Gateway



product description

The embedded smart gateway adopts an in-wall design with a built-in LCD screen, which is mainly used to expand the number of ZIGBEE wireless devices, and transmit the control commands of the smart host to the sub-devices connected under the gateway.

Related parameters

Product Size:   86mm x 86mm x 26mm

Operating temperature:   -15~60 ℃

Working humidity:   ≤95%RH, no condensation

Power supply:   Standard POE power supply

Communication Type:   Wired network (Ethernet)

CPU frequency:   Single core 650MHz

RAM:   DDR2 1024Mb

memory:   FLASH 128Mb

Wireless Gateway:   built-in

Access device:   48

Gateway Protocol:   ZIGBEE

Transmit power:   20dBm

Receive Sensitivity:   -95dB

Wireless distance:   ›500 meters (without obstructions)