smart humidifier

Innovative achievements under "Internet of Things+"

The XiaoK smart humidifier is a smart home appliance jointly launched by Konke and Pentium Electric, and it is also a representative work in the Konke IoT module sharing plan.

Smart Humidifier

Smart Shu "wet" is under your control

Enjoy smart “wet” at the touch of a finger

remote control


on off timer


Fog volume adjustment


Water reminder

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remote switch
Control anytime, anywhere

Remote control means that the humidification is switched on and off through the mobile phone APP. As long as the mobile phone is connected to the available network, it can be controlled in the office, on the sofa, on the way home… anywhere.

Adjust the amount of fog No need to select the fog volume adjustment knob

Whether you are lying, sitting or paralyzed, you can adjust the spray volume of the humidifier through your mobile phone, just slide your finger on the APP interface, which is simple and convenient.

Smart Humidifier

32 groups of time switches

Studies have shown that opening a humidifier for a long time may accelerate the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and people with relatively weak resistance, such as the elderly and children, are prone to respiratory diseases. Set a timer switch to allow the humidifier to automatically humidify after a period of time before turning it on. This cycle of humidification can keep the environment comfortable and protect the health of the family.

Smart Humidifier

Water shortage reminds important things not to forget

Many people don’t think of refilling the water until the humidifier stops spraying. In order to protect the humidifier from such a situation, the APP will send a message push to remind the user to add water when the water is about to run out.

Mini US app
Smart Humidifier

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