wireless smart gateway



product description

The wireless smart gateway is designed for your convenience, allowing you to effortlessly expand the number of ZIGBEE wireless devices. It communicates with the smart host through the wired network, and transmits the control commands of the host to the sub-devices connected under the wireless gateway.

Related parameters

Product Size:   160mm x 160mm x 30mm

Operating temperature:   -10~60 ℃

Working humidity:   ≤95%RH, no condensation

Power supply:   Standard POE power supply (requires additional POE power supply or POE switch)

Communication Type:   Wired network (Ethernet)

Installation method:   Ceiling, wall hanging

Wireless Gateway Protocol:   ZIGBEE

Access device:  up to 64

Transmit power:   20dBm

Receive Sensitivity:    -95dB

Coverage:  ›500 meters (without obstructions)

Smart Gateway Solutions for Pakistani Living and Working Spaces

In Pakistan, a smart gateway is important in integrating and coordinating smart automation systems to create cohesive and efficient environments. Here’s how a smart gateway in Pakistan facilitates connectivity and functionality in each setting:

Smart Home Systems: In a smart home setup, a smart gateway is the central hub that is used to connect and control various smart devices such as lights, thermostats, security cameras, and appliances. 

Smart Apartment Systems: Similarly, in a smart apartment system, a smart gateway is the central control hub that integrates and manages smart devices and systems within individual apartments or communal areas. It enables apartment residents to control devices such as door locks, intercom systems, lighting, and HVAC systems from a unified interface.

Smart Office Systems: In smart office systems, a smart gateway connects and coordinates various smart devices and systems used in the workplace, including lighting, HVAC systems, access control systems, and audiovisual equipment.

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