wireless smart gateway



product description

The wireless smart gateway is used to expand the number of ZIGBEE wireless devices. It communicates with the smart host through the wired network, and transmits the control commands of the host to the sub-devices connected under the wireless gateway.

Related parameters

Product Size:   160mm x 160mm x 30mm

Operating temperature:   -10~60 ℃

Working humidity:   ≤95%RH, no condensation

Power supply:   Standard POE power supply (requires additional POE power supply or POE switch)

Communication Type:   Wired network (Ethernet)

Installation method:   Ceiling, wall hanging

Wireless Gateway Protocol:   ZIGBEE

Access device:  up to 64

Transmit power:   20dBm

Receive Sensitivity:    -95dB

Coverage:  ›500 meters (without obstructions)