Small K smart fingerprint

Smart entry without a key

The XiaoK smart fingerprint lock adopts super B-level lock cylinder, optical fingerprint recognition and touch wake-up technology, and has three new unlocking methods of fingerprint, password and mobile phone. Users can open the door without a key, avoiding the daily life caused by forgetting the key. A lot of inconvenience, to ensure the safety of the family, get rid of the trouble of changing the lock.

Change a lock for a life

After getting rid of the hassle of key unlocking, more convenience is in it.



Real-time grasp of door lock switch status


Fingerprint unlock

Find out about family members coming home


Friends and relatives visit

Temporary door opening password for SMS authorization


Intelligent linkage

Unlock to turn on lights and TV at the same time

"Lock" to invincible Just because you are the key

Smart Fingerprint Lock

Smart Alerts
Mobile APP real-time reminder


Anti-hijacking fingerprint

unlock = alarm


password protection

Enter the wrong password 5 times


Anti-fingerprint test

Identify 10 fingerprints


False lock mode

Reminder to reopen


battery is low

Reminder to replace the battery


Burglar alarm

A gap is an alert

Anti-peeping is more secure
Enter the password to open the door. Before and after the real password, the user can enter random numbers at will. As long as the correct 6-digit password is entered in the middle, the door can be unlocked and the door can be unlocked to prevent the password from being peeped by people on the side.
Only change tenants, not locks
Smart Fingerprint Lock
Smart Fingerprint Lock

Small K Smart Fingerprint Lock
(Champagne Gold)

Product parameters
Front panel size (without handle): 303*70*26mm
Rear panel size (without handle): 323*70*26mm
Lock body model: DST-206
Applicable door thickness (mm): ≥40
Panel Material: Zinc Alloy
Appearance process: paint
Exterior Color: Space Silver/Champagne Gold
Number of user fingerprints (pieces): 80
Shell protection grade: IP53
Anti-static interference: air 15KV / contact 8KV
Ambient temperature: -25℃ — 50℃(±5℃)
Working humidity: ≤90%RH

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