Smart building host


Smart Building Host


product description

The smart building host is a compact server and data processing center, smart office which is responsible for managing and executing all things in the entire building. Through ZIGBEE, WiFi and other communication protocols, the management of the building is more convenient and energy-saving.

Related parameters

Processor:    Xeon Xeon-E

Product gross weight:    12.0kg

Memory type:    DDR4

memory size:    16 GB

power supply:    non-redundant

Hard drive speed:     7200RPM

Hard disk type:    SATA 3.5 inches

Video memory:    other

Number of memory slots:    4

Total hard disk capacity:     4T-8T

Network Controller:    2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 shared management port

Raid card cache:    other

Number of CPUs supported:    1

Power (W):    300W