Five ways to open the door to open a smart life


Remote unlock

one-time temporary password


Mechanical key unlock

emergency unlock


password unlock

Password input anti-peeping


Swipe to unlock

Access card security encryption


Fingerprint unlock

Fingerprint recognition with a grip

Open the door with one hand

The innovative integrated design of handle + fingerprint is equipped with semiconductor silicon-sensing high-precision fingerprint recognition technology, and fingerprint unlocking can be done in one step.

pleasant fingerprint lock

Multiple intelligent alarms

There are reminders, more assured

When violent lock picking occurs, the APP immediately pushes a message to remind the user that someone is picking the lock.

If it fails to unlock 5 times in a row within 3 minutes, it will be automatically locked for 3 minutes and the illegal operation will be prompted by voice.

When the battery of the door lock is lower than 20%, there will be a voice prompt every time the door is unlocked, and the LCD screen will show that the battery is low.

Entry-level smart is more cost-

Aluminum alloy lock shell, super B-level lock cylinder, ingenious in the industrial age, and comparable to high-end smart locks of the same type.

Pleasant Fingerprint Lock

Smart energy saving

Longer battery life

Adopt ZigBee leaf node design, 4 AA batteries can be used normally for more than 1 year.

*When the battery is low, support mobile power supply to unlock.

One-time password for convenient temporary opening
Online shopping no longer has to worry about no one at home receiving the goods on weekdays, send a one-time password and let the courier help deliver it to your door.
Virtual password unlocking anti-peeping
Enter any number + correct password to unlock, enter at most 15 digits (including correct password) at a time.

Indoor lock
full of security

Single women rent a house and live alone, and the smart lock with the internal door anti-lock function makes you feel more secure when you are alone.
Pleasant Fingerprint Lock

Pleasant smart door lock


Product parameters

Product size: 360×75×20.2(mm)

Door handle size: 146.6×27.4×55.8(mm)

Operating temperature: -20°C~+50°C

Working humidity: 15%~90%RH

Power supply mode: 4.3V-6.5V (4 5# alkaline batteries)

Battery life: >1 year

Standby power consumption: static ≤50uA

Wireless Standard: ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)

Lock cylinder type: Ultra B lock cylinder

Fingerprint recognition rate: false recognition rate ≤ 0.001%, true rejection rate ≤ 0.1%

Password length: 6~10 digits