High-Performance chip solution


Dual network protocol

Excellent Host

desktop hosting

Excellent Host

Portable installation

Mastering the core is not only powerful

Adopt Qualcomm high-performance chip solution, support Wi-Fi and Ethernet dual network protocols, stable performance and strong signal coverage.

Wisdom is freedom

The desktop host shape is matched with a silicone non-slip base, which can be easily placed in the living room, coffee table, and bedroom. It is firm and stable, and is not afraid of falling.

Tailor-made for small and medium-sized families

It is steadily equipped with smart devices in the home to meet the ZigBee coverage requirements of common small and medium-sized households.

Easy to get started without wiring

Powered by standard Micro USB adapter 5V, it is easy to install and debug, no additional wiring is required, and complicated installation steps are omitted.

Applicable to overseas smart home scenarios

Meet the needs of overseas users for the use of smart home systems and serve global smart homes.

Excellent Host

Excellent host

Basic parameters

Product size: 110 x 110 x 25 (mm)

Package size: 148.5 x 132 x 55 (mm)

Power consumption: 5W

Working voltage: DC 3V (CR123A)

Flash: 128Mb

Body color: white

Power input: 5V 1A

Power supply mode: Micro USB

Shell material: PC

Installation method: desktop swing table

Access device: 64 routing nodes + 64 leaf nodes