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Product Matrix

Mature product matrix Since the launch of the smart ecosystem in 2012, Konke has provided smart living services for more than 3 million families, from entry-level smart items, to modular solutions adapted to enterprises, to intelligent systems with in-depth experience. The products are well recognized by the market and loved by users.

Industry Recognition

Konke leads the development of the smart home industry as a leader and establishes industry standards. It has been invited to join the China Smart Home Industry Alliance and the first batch of Ali IoT Partner Program (ICA) alliances. In terms of products, Konke has successively won the highest honors for smart products such as the No. 1 product crowdfunding in China, the China Appliances Apple Award, and the China Design "Intelligent Manufacturing Award".

Competing Favorably

Investors are optimistic The development trend of the Internet of Things technology of Konke Technology has attracted the attention of the industry and the strong support of the state. In January 2015, it completed the A round of financing from the National Internet of Things Industry Guidance Fund.
The strategic investor in the A+ round of Konker Technology is the global manufacturer giant Foxconn, which will provide Konker with strong back-end support in terms of production and supply chain.

Preferred by each platform

Preferred by government and universities

Konke Technology is a service-oriented intelligent solution company designated by the government, courts, public security bureaus, schools and other state agencies and institutions. Successfully implemented multiple projects and offline education points such as smart office, smart campus, and smart home experience center to help promote the construction of safe communities and smart cities.

Patent Qualification

Konker Technology currently has nearly 100 core invention technology patents and independent intellectual property rights in core hardware, cloud data centers, and intelligent terminals, as well as hundreds of utility model patents and design patents, so as to truly focus on products.

Media Exposure

Konke Technology is the only smart home company in China that has been invited to participate in the coverage of nearly 30 satellite TV stations including CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV and Shenzhen Satellite TV. At the same time, Konke has written the image of successful cases of high-tech enterprises into dozens

Real Estate Cooperation

Konke Technology is committed to bringing smart homes to thousands of ordinary families, and has in-depth cooperation with China's top 10 real estate companies such as Vanke, Country Garden, Greentown, China Resources Land, etc., to implement smart home model houses, and at the same time cooperate with many well-known brand hotels and apartments to create smart homes housing, and promote the intelligent upgrading of the whole people.

Team Structure

The founding team of the company is all from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, who graduated from Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Hong Kong University. More than ten senior experts in the domestic chip field serve as core technology partners. The team not only has experienced senior industry experts, but also has continuous injection of fresh blood full of enthusiasm and vitality.

Control Technology Advantage

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Cloud Platform Technology

Konke’s cloud platform technology partner is the world’s leading Alibaba Cloud, and has built its own high-performance servers in multiple IDC server clusters around the world, far exceeding industry standards in terms of operating

Polymorphic Host

Relying on its strong product research and development capabilities, Konke has built a variety of mainframes, ranging from small apartments to centralized high-rise office buildings, with product forms

Cloud Platform Technology

Conker provides an extremely convenient interactive user experience, and has developed a software platform that integrates multiple control terminals such as mobile App, WeChat, Pad, PC, and TV. Turn every screen in the home into a control interface of the control smart home system at your fingertips, realize instant data synchronization and status update between multiple screens, and reduce the threshold for smart home use.

K-Mesh Technology

The self-developed K-Mesh wireless network optimization technology greatly reduces the difficulty of product installation and networking, lowers the operating threshold for installers, and makes installation efficient

AI Intelligent Interaction

Relying on its strong product research and development capabilities, Konke has built a variety of mainframes, ranging from small apartments to centralized high-rise office buildings, with product forms

Fifteen Supporting Policies for Konkers

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Professional, unified and standardized brand image

Provide unified brand image design and operation support for the partner experience center to help improve business conversion rate and landing standardization.

High-standard brand tour activities

The touring “Intelligent Maker Summit” brand activity was held nationwide, combined with local characteristics, penetrated the local market, and enhanced regional brand awareness.

Full coverage of branding

Through brand promotion on national and provincial TV stations such as CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Liaoning Satellite TV, mainstream portal websites such as Tencent and Sohu, and news media, etc., it helps partners to build brands.

Leading Marketing Advertising Support

Through strategic cooperation with top international 4A advertising companies, online and offline advertising and marketing are carried out through all channels to maximize the exposure of high-quality partners.

business support

Exclusive sales territory protection

Through the formulation of market anti-collision system, regional protection, project reporting and other policies, we will spare no effort to protect the partner market.

In-depth marketing strategy guidance

Integrate the ecological resources of Konker, cooperate deeply with the government, finance, real estate, and campus, and help partner projects to be implemented as soon as possible.

Successful project case sharing

Through the official website, WeChat public account, Weibo, Toutiao, Baidu, Zhihu and other third-party platforms, all-round dissemination of high-quality landing project cases to improve project conversion.

Landing support

Landing and opening support

The company provides decoration plans, opening plans and decoration subsidies of up to 30%.

Online and offline dual-track course training

Special monthly online and offline dual-track training courses, specially invited experts and tutors to teach online/offline, to conduct training on brand competitiveness, product technical specifications, marketing strategies and methods, and sales communication skills.

Professional technical support

Professional and technical personnel provide comprehensive technical support, including online and offline training, technical troubleshooting, project landing support and other support options to solve your worries.


VIP Customer

The company headquarters has built a professional customer service team to provide online and offline all-round customer service support. With the “red carpet” service concept, the headquarters and partners are connected.

Various marketing activities support

Encourage partners to participate in various market activities, such as trade fairs, alliance activities, inter-industry cooperation, chamber of commerce activities, etc., and provide support in market promotion, event landing, resource integration, etc.

Full marketing material support

Regularly provide a full set of marketing materials including picture albums, posters, single pages, roll-ups, videos, self-media articles, etc., and go all out to help partners develop the market.

Customized Standard Solutions

Formulate corresponding standardized electronic solutions for different projects, and dispatch sales elites to follow up to improve the efficiency of partners’ order formation.

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